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SWG Items

Star Wars Galaxies has one of the best, if not the best, selection of stuff to decorate your houses with of any MMORPG! This database is for rare and obsolete items which are generally considered collectible, lists if they are obsolete or not, and provides information on where they originally came from.

Obsolete means the item is no longer obtainable in game as loot or a quest reward, can not be crafted anymore, or was a one time gift or reward. If you want one, you will have to buy or trade for it.

Crafted items are listed by their default name.

Descriptions of the different types of items can be found here.

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A Crate Of Free Resources
A Droid Body
A Droid Head
A Warmly Glowing Artifact
A Warmly Glowing Gravestone
A Warmly Glowing Poison Gland
A Warmly Glowing Skull
An Ancient Scroll
An Warmly Glowing Eyeball
Astromech Serving Droid
Auto-Loomed Blue Rug
Auto-Loomed Orange Rug
AV-21 Landspeeder
Banes Heart
BARC Speeder
Belbullab-22 Deed
Binary Liquid
Bowl, Plain
Chu-Gon Dar Cube
Combat Upgrade Commemorative Plaque
Count Dooku Lightsaber Plaque
Data Terminal (Radar Screen)
DC-15 Rifle
Decorative Campfire
Display Fish Draft Schematic
ETA-2 Actis Interceptor Deed
Feather Duster
Flower Bouquet
Geonosian In Carbonite
Glass Top Table
Insect Bait
Jawa Holo-Pet
Jedi Knight Robe (Light)
Jedi Master Cloak (Brown)
Jedi Statue (Light)
Kashyyyk Bantha Hunting Trophy
Large Torch from the Temple of Exar Kun (Storytell
Lifeday Bunting
Mounted Talrus Spine
Mustafarian Chair
Mysterious Data Disk
Nourishing Vita-Caps
Old Republic Repulsion Generator
Ornate Rug
Peko Peko Holo-Pet
Protective Liquid Coding
Rancor Holo-Pet
Rebel Alliance Shirt
Rebel Banner
Rebel Restuss Commendation
Rebel Rug
Rucksack of the Tusken King
Schmetic: Juyo Saberstaff
Sprint Enhancement Stim
Squall Holo-Pet
Table from the Tomb of Exark Kun (Stroyteller Toke
Tapestry (Tatooine)
Technical Console
Tusken Raider Helmet
Uller Hunting Trophy
Walluga Hunting Trophy
Weapon Rack
Webweaver Hunting Trophy
Wookiee Hero Figureine

There are currently 66 items in the item database.

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